Upon arrival, you can take a taxi directly to the hostel, but it is always much cheaper to take public transportation. We have written all the information you need, and we hope you find us easily!

You will probably be arriving at Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) 桃園機場. It is about 1 hour away from Taipei city.
By Taxi: around 1300 NTD (40 USD)
By Public Transportation: Bus & Metro totally around 150 NTD (5 USD)

If you arrive from Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA) 松山機場, it is only 30 minutes away from us.
By Taxi: around 200 NTD (6 USD)
By Metro: 25 NTD (0.8 USD)

Most of the Taxi drivers in Taiwan do not speak English. Be sure to show the Taxi driver our Chinese address and the following directions in Chinese. If needed, the taxi driver can also give us a call.

Taxi Price:
From Taoyuan Airport 桃園機場: around 1300 NTD (US $40)
From SongShan Airport 松山機場: around 200 NTD (US $6)
From Taipei Main Station 台北車站: around 120 NTD (US $4)

Chinese Address:

English Address:
Taipei City, JinJiang St., Lane 48, Alley 4, No.6, 1F

(02) 2368-0301 with Taiwanese Mobile
+886-2368-0301 with Oversea Mobile

Information for Taxi Driver


1. 走羅斯福路往南,在捷運古亭站2號出口附近,右轉進同安街。
2. 遇到晉江街左轉(同安中醫之前的巷子)。
3. 走進晉江街後,第一條巷子46巷右轉。
4. 我們地址位於48巷,但是走46巷進來會比較好走。
5. 在46巷18號前方的空地停車。

1. 走汀州路向北,在汀州路二段201巷右轉。
2. 右邊第一條巷子右轉後停車。

Please check the following pictures to find us:

eight_elephants_dreaming_dragon_hostel_co-work_coworking_space_directions eight_elephants_dreaming_dragon_hostel_co-work_coworking_space_directions eight_elephants_dreaming_dragon_hostel_co-work_coworking_space_directions

Coming from Taoyuan Airport (TPE) 桃園機場

1. We suggest that you take Guo-guang Bus 國光客運 to Taipei Main Station 台北車站.
2. At Taipei Main Station, find Taipei Metro Station 台北捷運, which is inside of Taipei Main Station.
3. Take the train heading to Xindian. Get off at the 3rd stop; Guting Station 古亭站.
4. When you reach Guting Sation, please check the next tab "From Guting Station" on our website.

Guo-guang Bus 國光客運

Price: 125 NTD
Running Time: 05:40 AM - 1:30 AM (every 15 minutes)
Duration: around 45 minutes to Taipei Main Station 台北車站

Taipei Metro (MRT) 台北捷運

Price: 20 NTD
Running Hours: 6:00 AM - 0:40 AM (every 5 minutes)
Duration: 3 stations, 5 minutes to Guting Station 古亭站
*In case you arrive Taipei Main Station after the metro closes, take a taxi to the hostel, please read "By Taxi" tab :-)


Coming from Songshan Airport (TSA) 松山機場

There is a connection between the airport and the Metro. You need to change train 2 times.

Taipei Metro (MRT) 台北捷運

Price: 25 NTD
Running Time: 6:00 AM - 0:00 AM (every 5 minutes)
Duration: 20 minutes to Guting Station 古亭站

1. At Songshan Airport 松山機場, take the train heading to Taipei Zoo on the brown line.
Get off at the 4th station, Daan Station 大安站.

2. At Daan Stataion 大安站, take the train heading to Beitou on the red line.
Get off at the 2nd station, Dongmen Station 東門站.

3. At Dongmen Station 東門站, take the train heading to Nanshijiao on the orange line.
Get off at the next stop, Guting Station 古亭站.

4. When you arrive Guting Station please check the next tab "From Guting Station" on our website :-)


We are only 3-5 minutes walk from Guting Metro Station 古亭站. Since we are located in a very small quiet alley, it is a little hard to find for the first time. The following directions should help you. If you get lost, you can give us a call or ask some local people, they would love to help you too!

1) Make a U-Turn when coming out of Exit 2.


2) Make an immediate LEFT onto TongAn St. 同安街.


3) Continue down TongAn St. Turn onto JinJiang St. 晉江街 , the second street on the LEFT.

4) Continue down JinJiang St. Turn onto Lane 46 of JinJiang St., the first Lane on the RIGHT.
5) Continue down Lane 46. Turn onto the second Alley on the LEFT.


6) Keep walking and looking on your RIGHT side. You are almost there!!!!


7) On our door you will see 8 little elephants. RRRRRING Our Door Bell.