Facilities & Security

Modern Bathrooms

Entertainment Lounge

Public Computer / Free Wi-Fi

Full Kitchen

Washing Machine

Lockers / Telephone

About Security

Your safety and security are very important to us. That's why we provide a variety of security measures to give you the greatest possible peace of mind. Trust us--you don't want to spend your time in Taiwan babysitting electronics!

  • Common Sense is the Best Defense - While we've had no problems thus far with theft, better to be safe than sorry. Don't take unnecessary risks with expensive items--always keep them in sight or under lock and key!
  • Security Lockers - All guests are offered a key to a personal security locker for storing valuables. Easily safe guard your laptop, passport, cash, iPod.
  • Baggage Locker - If you'd like to take a trip outside Taipei for several days, we can hold your luggage in a large storage locker only accessible by staff.
  • Room Keys - Private rooms all have locks. Dorm rooms do too, but we recommend taking the extra precaution of a security locker for obvious reasons.
  • Auto-locking front door - Keeps out baddies, automagically!

About Cleanliness

  • Fresh Sheets, Every Time
  • Professional cleanliness, Hostels don't have to be dirty to be cheap!
  • Staff Upkeep to maintain all things clean and neat
  • Slippers at the Door - No shoes indoor
  • Regular Sweeping, Mopping and Vacuuming - Dust bunnies and hair, beware!