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Come and share your ideas. Be the inspiration for each other.


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Your Hub in Asia

Taiwan is geographically central and culturally mixed in Asia. It’s the best base to develop your way into the gigantic Asia community, no matter what your interests are.

Engineers, designers, travelers, writers, language learners, entrepreneurs… Eight Elephants & Dreaming Dragon is a great place to find the like-minded friends to exchange ideas and ,of course, to grab a pint!

Who Is Welcome

People seeking a flexible, comfortable, and collaborative workspace, such as programmers, graphic designers, web developers, musicians, film producers, and writers...

When We’re Open

  • ♪ 365 days per year (holidays included)
  • ♪ 10 AM to 10 PM
  • What Events We Sponsor

  • ♪ Sing and dance together
  • ♪ Eat lunch or dinner together
  • ♪ Work and share lifestyles between our members
  • ♪ Share skills with our members (casual classes on professional knowledge)
  • ♪ Provide themed meetups (filmmaking, photography, writing workshops, etc.)
  • How We Charge - For Non Resident

  • ♪ Daily : 300 NTD
  • ♪ Weekly:1500 NTD
  • ♪ Monthly:4000 NTD
  • Amenities

  • ♪ Seating : Two living rooms, kitchen bar area
  • ♪ Public Space : Shower room (if needed), modern toilets, sinks, and kitchen with water, tea, coffee, and dishes (clean your own).
  • What We Offer

  • ♪ Year-round availability
  • ♪ A comfortable environment
  • ♪ Plenty of power outlets
  • ♪ Office supplies for rent
  • ♪ Fast and stable Internet
  • ♪ Self-serve tea and coffee
  • ♪ Guitar, piano and ukulele
  • ♪ An old printer (soon to be a new printer)
  • ♪ Occasions to order lunch and dinner together
  • ♪ Opportunities to meet people from different fields
  • ♪ Meeting rooms (DD living room and private rooms, 150NTD/hour)
  • ♪ Networking board (if you’re searching for working partners)
  • ♪ Occasional snacks and desserts (cookies, scones, cupcakes)
  • Our Partners

  • eight_elephants_dreaming_dragon_hostel_coworking_garageplus_co-work

    If you are interested in growing your startup business in Asia, please check Garage+.

  • Co-work with us!